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Antalya Aquarium Tour

In Antalya Aquarium tour; see amazing underwater world and its inhabitants. Moreover — the world’s largest tunneled Aquarium is in Antalya! It covers an area of 15000 square metres. Just imagine, you’re at the bottom of the sea, you can almost touch everything. Huge fish and other animals, exotic corals and water plants and much more all around and above you.

The Antalya Aquarium is not only an Oceanarium, but it also has a huge Terrarium, a Snow City with real snowfall, the Oceanride XD Cinema that gives you the opportunity to travel through the oceans and seas of our planet with advanced technology, restaurants and cafes. Tickets for the Terrarium, Snowtown and Cinema are sold separately at the Aquarium counter. 

Isn’t it worth seeing? We are happy to pick you up from your hotel, bring you to the Oceanarium and then bring you back to your hotel after a few hours.

Both transfers and the entrance fee are included in the price.

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All children between the ages of 2 to 100 will love the Antalya Aquarium. Located in the city centre of Antalya and open between the hours of 10:00 and 20:00 there awaits an amazing day of education and thrills for young and old alike, what more could you want?

Once you arrive at the super, space age style, building that is the Aquarium, and you enter the world of water, as it were, you will prepare for the amazing sights that are just waiting for you to arrive.  The entrance area is where you will find the restaurants and cafes, from well known pizzas to famous ice creams and you should make a memo to self, where to return when you are hungry. 

Tunnel Aquarium

The Aquarium offers you a taste of undersea life and so much more.  Firstly the Antalya Aquarium is home to the biggest aquarium tunnel in the world!  With a length of 131 metres and a width of 3 metres, you can watch as the sharks swim overhead and marvel at the grace of the manta rays, all from the safety of your glass tunnel.  If you are in the tunnel at around midday you will be able to see the fish being fed overhead as well.  This will be your opportunity to see, first hand, how underwater life is handled by these graceful fish, a truly amazing experience.  There will be underwater shows for your entertainment throughout the day.  Keep your eyes open for the boards that tell you the times of the next shows.  And that’s not all …

Snow World

Once you have finished marvelling at the oceanic life going on around you there are other worlds to explore at the Aquarium.  Snow World and the Ice Museum make an amusing change from the Under the Sea world, you will have the chance to make snowballs (with real snow) and test your aim!  Ice World is a welcome break from the hot Turkish sunshine, refreshing and fun.  When you are done with being ‘frozen’ you can head on to the Wild Park.

Wild Park

The Wild Park gives you the opportunity to see the most poisonous, tropical and colourful reptiles of the planet.  If you love to see reptiles in their natural habitat you will enjoy seeing these creatures, at a safe, close range, both educational and fascinating.


Last, but not least, you will have the chance to see the Ocean Ride XD Cinema and have the chance to be in a film where you are the star!  Using the green screen cinema technology you can ride the flying carpet or swim with sharks and rays.  Authentic looking film made while you wait can be the perfect end to a perfect day.  Here is your chance to become an actor for a few minutes and take away with you the memory of a lifetime, to view again and again, when your holiday to Antalya is ended.

Antalya Aquarium Tour Ticket Price

In 2023, price of Antalya Aquarium Tour Ticket is 45 € for adults, 40 € for children between age 3 and 12, free for children under 2 years old.

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Personal Expenses
  • Antalya Aquarium Snow World
  • Antalya Aquarium XD Sinema
  • Antalya Aquarium Wild Park

Days & Time

Everyday, all year round from 12:30 to 15:00

Antalya Aquarium Tour Itinerary

This trip is for every one of all ages, and wheelchair access to most areas of the Aquarium makes it super friendly for all.  So whether it is for educational or personal purposes that you find yourself at the entrance to the Aquarium, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed with your time spent here.

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At the main entrance of the aquarium complex, you will be greeted by a huge fountain made in the form of a large whale jumping out of the water. Territory of Aquarium of Antalya is 15 thousand square meters.

You will find 40 different rooms with different themes here. 7.5 million liters of water and 10,000 species of underwater world makes this area s interesting both for adults and children. While exploring the underwater world, you will be able to visit one of the largest underwater tunnels in the world, which is 131 meters long.

Thematic aquariums

You will be amazed by the interior decorations of the Aquarium. You can read the information plates to learn about the fish inhabiting the aquariums. You will be just a few centimeters far from sharks, moray eels or piranhas but you will be able to enjoy safely.

Colorful nimble fish of different spieces and sizes in the underwater world of the tropics will amaze you. There are tropical reefs and mysterious caves. In one part of the aquarium, you will see a sunken ship which is 20 meters long. In the main reservoir, there are more than hundred sharks, huge rays and lots of small fish.

Panoramic tunnel

After exploring the underwater inhabitants of all seas and oceans, you will have a walk through one of the largest tunnel aquariums of the world, which is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. You will feel like you are walking under water.

Unique decorations of the Antalya Tunnel Aquarium were created by an Italian sculptor and brought to life by a craftsmen from South Africa. Here you will see mysterious statues of Easter Island, a sunken pirate galleon lying on the bottom, fabulous chests full of treasures, which are guarded by hundreds of sharks.

Be amazed by the world’s largest coral reef set. In the design, you will see many antique sculptures, amphorae, statues and stylized ruins of cities. Unique surroundings of each tank will set you in the mood of an adventurer. Thanks to a special filter system, water in the tanks is always extraordinarily clean.

Snow world

You can play with the snow even in the middle of summer! You will see real Eskimo houses, poles, snow-covered fir trees and house of Santa Claus. You can ride the ice slides, make a snowman and play snowballs here.

In snow town, there are many labyrinths and fortresses, various sculptures made of snow and ice. From time to time, it actually snows! Here the temperature is always -5 С. You will be given special warm suits before entering the area.

Wildlife park

Wildlife Park is a tropical reptile home. In this terrarium you will see many representatives of the four cardinal points. Poisonous and rare snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders and crocodiles. For a complete feeling of being in the wild, your tour will be accompanied by the sounds of rain, the sound of the wind, birdsong and monkeys screaming.


At Oceanride XD Cinema, you can fulfill your amazing voyage. Together with the captain of the pirates in the multidimensional film, you can dive into the seas and oceans, see huge whales and swim past a sunken ship. You will learn many interesting facts about the water surface of the globe.

Fun for kids

For the young visitors of Antalya Aquarium, following fun activities are also offered: a school to teach diving, an entertainment center, a 5D cinema, a playground, a paintball club, restaurants and cafes, exhibition halls, and a souvenir shop with toys.

Return to hotel

After 2 – 2.5 hours of exciting journey through the depths of the sea, a comfortable bus will take you back to your hotel.


How much is Antalya Aquarium Tour?

Cost of Antalya Aquarium Tour is 45 € for adults, 40 € for children between age 3 and 12, free for children under 2 years old in 2023.

How long does it take to see the whole Aquarium?

While this differs for everyone you should allow 2 to 2.5 hours to enjoy the facilities comfortably.

What should I wear?

Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothing, in order to make every minute memorable at the Antalya Aquarium.

What restaurants are available inside?

The aquarium is home to McDonalds, Artizan and Mado for dining so there are option to suit all tastes and budgets.

Do I need extra spending money once inside?

Any snacks or drinks will be optional extras for you to pay as you go.  Do bring some money with you for those extras at the gift shops, or for your own personal DVD of you swimming with sharks or riding the magic carpet.