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  Last Updated: March 25, 2023
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Alanya is one of the most picturesque and peaceful resorts on the Turkish Riviera. Boat trips in Alanya offer you an exclusive opportunity to discover the mysterious and remote corners of this city, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t miss the chance to visit the charming and secluded bays and discover the islands around the coast.

There is nothing better than an exciting boat trip in Alanya, during which you can relax, sunbathe, swim, explore impressive caves and bays. And throughout the walk, your companions will be energetic rhythms, the sound of waves and a cool breeze.

You will go on a trip by sea on a beautiful and modern three-deck yacht. In addition to beauty and magnificent appearance, this yacht is ideal for a carefree and comfortable holiday.

A sea trip on a pirate ship in Alanya is prepared for true lovers of the sea and Jack Sparrow! On the grand ship Big Kral you will go on an exciting cruise along the coast of Alanya through the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The exclusive cruise offers you 2 restaurants and a large bar, TVs and air conditioners, decks where you can sunbathe under the bright sun, as well as interactive games, competitions, shows and a foam party.

Fishing as a hobby and way of life has been popular in Turkey since historical times due to Turkey’s favorable location – surrounded by 3 seas. And the Mediterranean coast is one of the best places for this magical experience.

Experienced fishermen who know the best fishing spots and the secrets of fishing will teach you everything, even if you have no experience at all. Most often, tuna, mullet, dorado, sea bass and red mullet are caught here.

A fantastic day awaits you on a catamaran that will take you to the sea caves and bays of the Turkish Mediterranean. You will have the opportunity to see all the local attractions as you sail from Alanya harbor: the old city walls, the castle, the Red Tower and the old shipyard.

During the cruise, you will explore the three main caves of the area: the Pirates’ Cave, the Lovers’ Cave and the Phosphorus Cave, as well as a swim at Cleopatra Beach.

A cruise on the Manavgat River, one of the longest rivers in Turkey, can take you on a delightful journey into the heart of nature, during which you can admire its gifts.

To learn more about this amazing scenic area, you will take a walk through the Manavgat National Park along the huge mountains, lush jungle and amazingly beautiful places. You will see interesting plants, turtles and other animals.

Take a full-day Green Canyon cruise to explore the turquoise pool in the heart of the Taurus Mountains. Following the rocky shores into a narrow branch of the canyon, you will enjoy a hearty Turkish lunch at the water’s edge, as well as unlimited soft drinks on the boat. In addition to observing the beauty of the landscape, you will be able to see the 2000-year-old bridge from the Roman period.

A sunset boat trip in Alanya, combining the joy of sailing and enjoying amazing views, will make your evening unique. The sunset boat trip will start with sightseeing off the coast of Alanya. In this part you will see the famous medieval fortress, the Red Tower and the old shipyard of the 13th century. Next, you will visit the unique sea caves: Phosphorous, Pirates and Lovers.

You will dive to a depth of 25 meters with a submarine tour in Alanya, observe the marine life and the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea. Nimo Primero is the name of a submarine that was designed by specialist submarine builders in Finland.

It is one of the most technologically advanced and safe submarines in the world. You will get special moments under the waves and enjoy the amazing view. The air pressure in the submarine is stable, so you will still feel calm and comfortable.

Antalya boat trip prices range from €20 to €60 in 2024. Among 8 excursions, pirate boat trip is the cheapest, and fishing tour is the most expensive option.

Boat TripAdult PriceChild Price*
Pirate Boat Trip€20€10
Starcraft Cruise€30€20
Green Canyon Cruise€35€20
Manavgat River Cruise€25€15
Sunset Boat Trip€35€20
Big Kral Pirate Boat€35€20
Sea Fishing€60€55
Scuba Diving€35€20

*The age range for child discounts on most tours is between 7-12 years, with some tours offering discounts for children between 3-7 years.

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👪 Best family boat trip:Big Kral Boat Trip
💰 Best budget boat trip:Pirate Boat Trip
👫 Best boat trip for couples:Sunset Boat Trip

Which is better Antalya or Alanya?

Are you planning a vacation on the Turkish Riviera, but have not yet decided which resort is best for you? The two most popular summer destinations are Antalya and Alanya, each of which has its own unique features and special atmosphere. If you are wondering which is better, Antalya or Alanya, you are in luck!...

Beaches in Alanya

The beaches of Alanya are included in the Top 10 best beaches in Turkey, as they have the cleanest coastal area, which is marked with blue flags. Fantastic sandy beaches stretch for more than 70 kilometers along the coastline, which is divided by rocks into many small bays and lagoons.

Touristic Districts of Alanya

Alanya is a popular tourist destination located on the southern coast of Turkey. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich history. Alanya is divided into several touristic districts, each with its own unique charm and attractions.

What is Alanya known for?

The charming atmosphere of Alanya is perfectly combined with the picturesque nature. This small town is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most attractive summer resorts on the Turkish Riviera. Thousands of people from all over the world visit here every year. The city has everything you need...

Dive Sites in Alanya

Alanya and its surroundings are the best diving sites in Turkey. An important feature of this popular diving destination is that most of the diving sites are located around the city centre and the coastline of Alanya Castle. This makes it possible to dive several times a day and around 50,000 dives per year on...

Top 10 Attractions in Alanya

Alanya is a delightful Turkish city surrounded by the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Alanya to enjoy a beach holiday and get acquainted with Turkish culture. If you are looking for entertainment in Alanya, then check out the list of the most incredible attractions.

Caves in Alanya

Alanya is a city where you can discover many land and sea caves. Traveling through the fascinating world of stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years, you will be transported to a fantasy world.

Boat Trips in Alanya

Boat trips in Alanya offer you an exclusive opportunity to discover the mysterious and remote corners of this city, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t miss the chance to visit the charming and secluded bays and discover the islands around the coast.

When is the Best Time to Visit Alanya

Crystal clear water and picturesque landscapes are the hallmarks of sunny Antalya. The city is considered the second most popular tourist destination in Turkey, and this is no wonder. Besides the impeccable atmosphere, Antalya can also offer a truly exceptional and memorable vacation thanks to the variety of entertainment. Boat trips, cultural and historical heritage...