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Manavgat > Manavgat Buggy Safari

Manavgat Buggy Safari

  Last Updated: April 19, 2024

Are you ready for the mud and the river? For the off road and the dust bowl? Then you are ready for the Buggy Safari. You will be picked up from your Manavgat hotel and taken to the base, where you will be greeted by your professional guides for the session. An instruction period and a safety talk will ensue and you will be given your mandatory safety equipment. The route will take you through the beautiful pine clad area surrounding Manavgat, where the only sounds will be birdsong and your buggy motor as you negotiate the obstacled pathway along the route. Oh, one more sound, your laughter and cheering as you succeed each new obstacle on the course.

Because the buggies are lower than their equally famous counterpart, the quad bikes, it will feel as though the buggies are faster, when they are actually not. This lends to the adrenalin rush you feel when driving along. They are sometimes known as frame cars and passengers sit side by side with the driver as opposed to sitting behind. For this reason the frame cars, or buggies are ideal for an adult driver and a younger person sitting next to them. Here’s what happens when you book this tour.

Manavgat Buggy Safari Price

In 2024, price of Manavgat Buggy Safari is 30 € for single buggy vehicle, 45 € for double buggy vehicle. Buggy Safari lasts 2 hours.

Single Buggy1 Person30 €
Double Buggy2 People45 €

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Training Service
  • Buggy Cars
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos

Manavgat Buggy Safari Program

You will be picked up by comfortable transport, from your Manavgat hotel and taken to the base, there you will be greeted by your professional guide for the day and given instruction as to the use of your buggy. You will be loaned the mandatory safety equipment and take a test drive on site. When the instructor is happy that you are comfortable and able, you are good to go.

Taken to the buggy route, you will encounter various terrain, which should include driving through a shallow river, negotiating a muddy terrain and various dusty routes along the way. Once you have mastered this route, it usually lasts for about 2 hours. You are able to cool off in the river before your return to base.

Back at base there are shower facilities if you wash to wash and change. There will be a chance to view any action photographs taken by a resident cameraman, throughout the day, with an optional view to purchase.

The entire tour lasts around 3 hours (is classed as a half day tour) and at the end you will be returned to your hotel.


How much is Manavgat Buggy Safari?

Cost of Manavgat Buggy Safari is 30 € for single buggy vehicle, 45 € for double buggy vehicle. Buggy Safari lasts 2 hours.

When can I go?

This tour goes out three times a day, every day throughout the summer months. You decide the time and date, your operator will tell you if it is still available, or offer you an alternative time if not. This tour is very popular and you should book it early to get the times you want to go.

What about my children can they go?

Yes, but children 14 and under can only travel as passengers with an adult driver.

Are there any restrictions regarding children?

This is not a tour for very young children. 6 years and upwards may travel with an adult.

It ıs not recommended for anyone with mobility or existing medical conditions that may be exacerbated by the tour. Likewise it is not suitable for pregnant women.

What if I don’t have a drivers licence?

Not a problem. You do not require a driver’s licence to drive the buggy. Neither do you need any previous experience, as tuition will be given on site before you begin the tour.

What’s included in the price?

Transfer to and from the base, from your Manavgat hotel.

Your buggy and safety equipment on loan for the tour.

Professional English speaking guide service and tuition, plus your 2 hour drive.

Is there anything that’s not included?

Any personal expenses you incur throughout the tour.

What do I need to take along with me?

Your sunglasses and a bandana (or handkerchief) to as as dust barriers while driving. Your suncream and swimsuit beneath your t shirt and shorts.

Sensible footwear is advisable, it would be too easy to lose an open toe sandal in the river!

Bring some money with you for any extra expenses you may wish for.

Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Anything else I should know about?

You will travel in convoy throughout the buggy track, with one professional guide at the rear and one leading. This way in the unlikely event of you getting into trouble, a guide will be at your side in a second.

You may well wish to bring a camera with you. If you do please make sure it is in a waterproof container, or even better, left back at the base for your return. There should be a resident photographer taking the tour with you. Any photographs or DVDs taken will be available for you to view, at the end of the tour, and/or purchase.

What should I wear?

Do not wear your best, newest or whitest clothes. By the time the tour is over they may never be white again.

Operated by: Noppa Safari