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Fethiye > Fethiye Paragliding

Fethiye Paragliding

  Last Updated: June 3, 2024

Fethiye paragliding is a tandem flight with breathtaking views from 6500 ft (1960 m) that lasts between 30 to 35 minutes.

Paragliding in Fethiye is a unique gift for yourself, loved ones or friends. Get off the ground, see the world from a dizzying height, soar freely like a bird on the rising air currents over the mountains. You’ve probably seen these breathtaking videos many times on social media, but it always hasn’t been you. But it can be you right now!

Even if you have never done it before, experience is not necessary. And flying is not as scary as it sounds. Surprisingly, it is sometimes the most fearful people who dare to fly. There are around 1000 flights a day from Babadag Peak in Oludeniz. The Oludeniz area in Fethiye is famous not only for its crystal clear sea, but also for Babadag Peak (1969 metres), which is very close to the sea.

The location and terrain of the mountains and the scenic beauty of the area have made it one of the centres of world paragliding. Oludeniz also attracts paragliders from all over the world with its excellent facilities and services for this sport. So let’s go to Babadag for paragliding. Our driver in a comfortable car will pick you up at the hotel at the agreed time.

Before the flight you will be briefed and equipped. The jump is performed in tandem with a pilot. Before the jump your accompanying pilot will check the readiness of equipment. Duration of the flight is about 30-35 min. Altitude depends on weather conditions; the pilot will decide from which platform the jump will take place, however, all launch sites are located between 1659 and 1960 meters.

You can request a photo and video for the flight and if you do not like the photos or videos you do not have to pay for them. After the paragliding session we will also take you back to your hotel. Both transfers, flight, equipment, briefing, pilot escort and insurance are included in the price of the tour. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Go for it!

Nothing compares to the view  of this area from above. Fethiye and the surrounding areas of Olu Deniz and Hisaronu are renowned for their natural unspoiled beauty.  This coastline of the Mediterranean has been unspoiled for centuries.  Fethiye was once known as Telmessos and suffered an earthquake that dramatically changed the town landscape.  Fortunately, due to one man who dreamed and foretold of such an event, most of the population survived.  The town became renamed, Fethiye, in his honour, and the re building of the town began. 

Today, it is dualfold,  not only is Fethiye a thriving holiday resort but it is also a year round working, Turkish town.  To holiday or even just visit Fethiye, is to experience modern Turkey at its finest. The skyline is intermittently dominated by Baba Dag Mountain (translating as Father Mountain) it is the highest point visible  in the distance over this region.  It is from Baba Dag that you begin your descending flight, landing on the beach of nearby Oludeniz.  Indeed as you land you look down upon the sunbathers, they will no doubt be looking up at you, in amazement and awe.

At its highest point Baba Dag is an unsurprising 1969 metres!  You can experience the most amazing views, not only of the smaller mountains that cascade down to the shoreline, but the valleys hidden from view at sea level, down to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ of Olu Deniz, where you land, nearby.  This natural phenomenon is where the salt water meets the fresh water of the lagoon, causing a high level of saline enabling the body to float easily in its waters.  Hence its name of ‘dead sea’.  An ideal place to learn to swim if you havent already. 

The colours of the azure Mediterranean and the emerald green of the forestry that seem to grow right to the waters edge, will enchant you along every part of your journey.

📅 Tour Days:Every day
⏱️ Tour Hours:Anytime between sunrise to sunset
✔️ Includes:Transfer, pilot fee, equipments, entrance fee
📌 Highlights:Tandem flight from 1960m, amazing views of Oludeniz

Fethiye Tandem Paragliding Price

In 2024, price of Tandem Paragliding in Fethiye is 150 €. Flight duration is between 20 to 45 minutes depending on the thermals and wind speed.

Adult12 years and older€150
Child4 — 11 years old€150

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Babadag Entrance Fee
  • Training Service
  • Pilot Fee
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flight Photos & Videos

Fethiye Tandem Paragliding Program

Your day begins when you are picked up from either your hotel or designated meeting point at your resort.  You will travel in comfortable, air conditioned transport from sea level right up through the mountains and the base point at Baba Dag.  There are spectacular views along the way during this journey.

You will not make the descent alone.  Your professional guide will be with you all the way. At base camp you will meet your guide who will be descending with you on your flight.  You will be given a safety talk and fitted with your flying equipment.

Once you are harnessed and prepared for your flight it is time to take your running steps and away you go, like a bird soaring over the mountains of Southern Turkey.

Your flight usually lasts around 30 minutes, depending on thermals and other flight activity, bringing you to land on the golden Olu Deniz Beach, often to the applause of waiting tourists.

When you have finished your flight, landed safely and are happy with your achievement.  You will recieve hearty congratulations from the team before taking you back to your original point of pick up.

This tour has been in operation for over 20 years.  Not as long as Baba Dag mountain has been there of course, but for the remainder of your holiday in the Fethiye region, you will be able to look up and say ‘I flew from there’ with pride in your heart!


How much is Paragliding in Fethiye?

Cost of Paragliding in Fethiye is 150 € per person in 2024.

Can anyone paraglide?

Children under the age of 4 are not permitted to fly, but there is no upper age limit, due to the professionalism of the staff and the gentle nature of the flight.

You will always fly tandem, with a professional, qualified guide.

Is paragliding in Fethiye safe?

All safety measures are duly undertaken.  The company has been operating for over 20 years.  There is guidance and rules that have to be followed to maintain this safety of which you will be informed.   You also have the extra assurance of your tandem guide all the way.  Flights go out multi times daily!

Are there any restrictions?

There is a maximum 100 kilogram weight limit and a 20 kilogram lower limit.  This is due to safety programming.

When can i go?

Weather and thermals permitting you can fly most days.  Indeed tours operate every possible day of the year, this is such a popular tour.

Is there anything to bring with me?

Sensible clothing and shoes are essential.  Your initial steps will involve a short run from the top of the mountain.  You will be provided with any safety gear that you need, at the top.

Your tandem flight guide may be filming throughout and you will be able to purchase a DVD or photographs of your flight at the end of your tour.  Do bring a little money with you for sundries such as this.  To this end we do not recommend that you bring your own camera with you.

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