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Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour

Would you like to see the unique salt lake of Turkey, walk along it, admire the beauty of the surrounding nature and make stunning photos of its pink surface? Salt Lake Tour in Cappadocia is a great opportunity.

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You will take a trip through a unique area created by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Here, on the central plateau of Turkey, is located one of the largest salt reservoirs of the world – Lake Tuz.

On the way to Salt Lake, you will also visit Saratli underground city. People lived here at an extraordinary depth thousands of years ago. To this day, this place hides many unraveled secrets. People in the history built such a magnificent city with all the amenities inside and with a perfect air circulation system.

Salt Lake is a truly incredible miracle of nature. You will be delighted with the vast expanses of the lake which extends far beyond the horizon and the water has unearthly pink color. Here you can experience enchanting sunrise or sunset.

Salt Lake tour is a unique opportunity to get incomparable pleasure from contemplating beautiful views of the lake, its surface reflect sky at the sunrise and sunset.

Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour Price

In 2022, price of Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour is 90 €. Price includes hotel transfer (both ways), driver fee and entrance fees.

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel transfer (both ways)
  • Entrance Fees
  • Driver Fee
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch

Days & Time

Everyday, all year round, anytime in the day. Duration of this tour is 7 hours.

Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour Itinerary

Your trip will begin with a comfortable Mercedes Vito picking you up from your hotel (up to 6 people). You will take a fascinating journey to the famous and beautiful Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü).

During the tour, you will also visit Saratli underground city. Then, driver will ride to Salt Lake. You can take stunning photos of the extraordinary Salt Lake which is pink colored at the sunrise and sunset.

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Saratli underground city

First you will arrive to the Saratli underground city. The city occupies a large area underground. Saratly consists of 5 main rooms, connected by tunnels. You will be surprised with of doors between the rooms are round boulders 50 cm thick and about 170 cm in diameter, weighing more than 300 kg. It still remains a mystery how they were brought inside. Saratli Underground City has all the necessities for survival: living rooms, warehouses, barns, kitchens even stables. You will have the opportunity to wander around these tunnels and dwellings. Underground cities conceal a huge number of mysteries, which haven’t been unrevealed yet.

Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü)

Tuz Gölü is a natural wonder of Turkey, famous for its salty waters, which make the surface of the water snow-white. Tuz Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey and one of the largest salt water reservoirs in the world. In summer, most of the lake evaporates, exposing salt flats on the surface. You will have a unique opportunity to walk along the salt of the lake. Water surface will seem surreal because of its unusual color. During the algae blooming, water in Tuz Gölü turns pink. At sunset or sunrise, rays reflected from the water surface make the scenery look unearthly.

You will have 2 hours of free time for walking around and making incredible photos. Also, you will have the opportunity to see beautiful birds that live on the shores of this lake – pink flamingos.

Return Back

After your free time, driver will be taking you back to your accomodation in Cappadocia. Upon request, driver can also drop you to the bus station of a nearby city, if you wish to continue expoloring different regions of Turkey.


How much is Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour?

Cost of Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia is 90 € in 2022. Price is per vehicle up to 3 people.

What time does the Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour starts?

Cappadocia Salt Lake Tour is a private tour which is anytime in the day. Duration of the tour is 7 hours.

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