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Cappadocia > Cappadocia Quad Safari

Cappadocia Quad Safari

  Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Cappadocia quad safari is 2-hour ride with powerful vehicles through the magical valleys of Cappadocia. Multiple sessions are avaliable every day.

The Cappadocia terrain looks something like a lunar landscape.  Spectacular to view by early morning, daylight and twilight.  Fortunately the Quad bikes take a tour of this unique area, for your delight.  Anyone familiar with the quads (or ATVs as they are sometimes known) will understand the adrenalin rush of travelling along dusty, muddy roads into the unknown.  This tour is somewhat different, although the adrenalin rush is sill there.  Cappadocia is famed for its fairy tale chimneys and ancient underground cities, for its mysterious rock formations and ancient christian monasteries.  Riding your quad through this landscape is truly enchanting. 

You will ride through such whimsical canyons as Swords Valley, so named for the tall swordlike volcanic formations.  Other points of interest will be Cavusin old Greek Village, Rose and Red Valley, and the charmingly named Love Valley, named thus for its romantic backdrop and because it is here where so many couples choose to propose and accept!

As your ride your ATV through this unique volcanic landscape you will marvel at mother nature and her survival techniques, while mastering the ATV as you ride along.

📅 Tour Days:Every day
⏱️ Tour Hours:Every hour between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
✔️ Includes:Transfer, 200 cc quads, helmet, gas
📌 Highlights:1, 2, 3 hours quad biking, Kiliclar & love valleys

Cappadocia Quad Safari Price

In 2024, price of Cappadocia Quad Safari is between 30 € to 70 €. Price difference is due to duration of the journey, time of the day and the ride being single or double.

Time & DurationSingle RideDouble Ride
Daytime – 60 Min.€30€35
Daytime – 120 Min.€35€40
Daytime – 210 Min.€60€70
Sunset – 120 Min.€40€50

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Well-Maintained Bikes
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Photos & Videos
  • Personal Spendings

Cappadocia Quad Safari Tour Program

Your tour will begin with a transfer from your Cappadocia hotel at one of three points during the day.  There is a morning, afternoon and (throughout the summer months) a sunset tour.  So whether you like the early morning sunrise, the warmer midday, or the glory of a Cappadocian sunset, the choice is yours.

You will be taken to the base, for a meet and greet with your instructor guide for the day.  You will be given a safety talk regarding the quads, your own safety helmet, which is mandatory, and introduced to your quad for the session.  A short test drive at the base and when everyone is ready your convoy can set off along the valleys of Cappadocia.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours with many stops along the way for photographs or just to take a break, taking in the many sights of the valleys as you go.  It is fair to say that there are few tours like this for its unique scenery.  In fact you will be driving through a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Once you have finished the course and returned to base, happy and dusty, you will have a chance to view any pictures or DVDs that have been taken, of your tour, with an option to buy if you wish. 

Your transport will then return you to your hotel or pick up point.


How much is Cappadocia Quad Safari?

Cost of Cappadocia Quad Safari is between 30 € and 70 € in 2024. Price difference is due to duration of the journey, time of the day and the ride being single or double.

Can the family come along this tour?

This is very much a family oriented tour.  However, children below the age of 17 are unable to drive the quads themselves.  They can, however, ride behind an adult driver for the duration of the course.  Discretion should be used for very young children or anyone with mobility dysfunction.

Quads can seat up to 2 people, or 1 can choose to ride alone.  The price is usually less for a second person.

I don't have a driving license, can i drive a quad?

It’s not important, there is no previous experience necessary for driving a quad as tuition will be give on arrival at base.  Nor is it necessary for you to have a valid driving license.  You simply have to be old enough and without health impairment.

When can i go?

This tour goes out, when the weather is good, at least twice a day, sometimes three, seven days a week.  You decide when and the times will be printed on your ticket when you book.

What is included?

Your transfer from hotel to base and return to same. Insurance. Professional Instructor/Guide riding with you throughout the tour. Use of quad and safety helmet for the duration.

Is there anything i should budget for?

Your person expenditure throughout the tour. Any food or drink you choose to buy.  Entries into museums are optional.

What should i wear?

Wear loose clothing and swim suits beneath.  There will be cool off spots and you may wish to get wet.  Appropriate footwear that will stay on your feet no matter what!  And do bring a bandana and glasses or goggles for use as dust shields.

Anything else you recommend?

Bring some money with you and, your camera, if you choose to.  There should be a professional photographer filming throughout the day, and DVDs and photographs will be available for purchase back at the base.  If you do bring your own camera, make sure it is in a waterproof container when not in use.

Take a bottle of water along with you for those dusty or dry moments too.

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