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Bodrum > Bodrum Symi Day Tour

Bodrum Symi Day Tour

  Last Updated: March 26, 2024

With so many of the Greek Islands just a short hop away from Bodrum, you may have trouble deciding which one is for you. Each of the islands have so many merits, and Symi is equally as charming as the others despite being the smallest of the Dodecanese. Today Symi is home to the beautiful, neo classical, pastel coloured houses, that are much photographed and much painted, cascading down the hillside to the waters edge. These are perhaps the most captivating as your boat arrives in the U shaped port. With its beautiful bell towered churches and endless azure sky, Symi will steal your heart and never return it.

The ancient history of Symi is the stuff of legends. It is said that Prometheus, a human, once stole fire from the Gods. His punishment by Zeus was to be turned into an ape and banished to the island of Symi. To this day we still say that someone has Symian features if they are apelike in appearance!

The rocky arid backdrop to Symi accentuates the greener shoreline. This is an ideal place to walk, shop and browse before taking a leisurely lunch of freshly caught fish at the harbour front.

From Symi town you can take a tour to the other side of the island and visit Panormitis, home to an ancient icon of the Archangel St Michael. As your boat arrives in the small harbour of Panormitis, the bells are rung from the tower of the Monastery to greet your arrival. An unforgettable sound that will set the hairs on the back of your neck to stand. You will be able to walk around this part of the island, once only attainable by sea, and marvel at its beauty, before returning to Symi town where your catamaran is docked.

Symi is also home to an archaeological museum containing artefacts from Byzantine times right back to the Hellenistic and Roman times, with a folklore museum of more modern life on the island too.

Bodrum Symi Day Tour Price

In 2024, price of Bodrum Symi Day Tour is 50 € for adults,45 € for children between 7 – 12 years old, 10 € for children under 6 years old.

Adult13 years and older€50
Child7 — 12 years old€45
Infant0 — 6 years old€10

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Ferry Tickets (Bot Ways)
  • Insurance
  • Port Taxes
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks & Foods

Bodrum Symi Day Tour Itinerary

You will be picked up at an agreed site in Bodrum at 07:00 approximately and taken to the port. Your fast catamaran should leave at around 09:00 and the journey duration is around 2 hours.

You will sail between the Greek Island of Nysyros, which is volcanic, and the tip of the Datca Peninsula of Turkey. On arrival in Symi town you will have free time in which to explore this interesting and enigmatic island.  You will be informed, on board , the time of your departure back to Bodrum.

Normally return time is 16:00.  Your Captain on board will inform you if it is different.

Your ticket pick up time will allow for early arrival at the port in Bodrum, where your passport will be stamped out of Turkey and restamped on entry at the end of the day.  This will not affect your 90 day visa allowance.

Your fast catamaran transport will be comfortable and air conditioned, with a snacks and drink service, and also with W.C.s for your convenience.  It is very similar to riding on a train across water to take you safely to the second of your holiday countries.

It is advisable that you arrive back at the port at least half an hour before departure, to avoid the crowd for passport control. 


How much is Bodrum Symi Day Tour?

Cost of Bodrum Symi Day Tour is 50 € for adults, 45 € for children between 7 – 12 years old, 10 € for children under 6 years old.

Is this a family oriented tour?

This tour is for anyone young or old, wishing to explore a little further on their Bodrum holiday. The island is actually only half a mile from the Datca area of the Turkish coast and is visible from Turkey south of Bodrum. It is suitable for small children in buggies, though some areas on the island may be restricted.

What is included in my ticket price?

Your daily return ticket to Symi from Bodrum as well as insurance and port taxes are included. Hotel transfer to port and return at the end of the day are also in with the cost.

Anything not included?

Personal expenses such as food or drink and or any purchases you may make either on board the boat, or in Symi itself. There is no guide service with this tour.

What do I need to take?

Your passport is the first and most essential, along with your ticket. You will be leaving Turkey and without your passport you will not be allowed to travel.

Do I need euros?

Bring euros for expenditure as you will technically be in Greece. Euros can be bought from the banks in Bodrum a day prior to your tour.

You will be able to purchase snacks and drinks on board the catamaran. They should take Turkish lira as well as euros on board.

What should I wear?

Wear loose clothing and bring a sunhat, glasses and sun cream. Modest clothing is advisable if you are visiting the Monastery at Panormitis. Symi is a very hot island with little shade through the summer months. Bear this in mind if you are travelling with young children.

Do bring your camera, you won’t want to miss a thing!

Can I buy any duty free?

There will be a duty free service in Bodrum port and maybe also in Symi. On request Bodrum port will hold any purchases made until your return, for your convenience.

What if the weather is bad?

Please note, if there are adverse weather conditions your tour will be cancelled to another day, or your money refunded if you are unable to go at a later date.

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