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Belek > Belek Turkish Bath

Belek Turkish Bath

  Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Belek Turkish bath is a 2-hour relaxing experience with sauna, scrubbing, foam massage and full-body oil massage.

The Turkish bath has become a popular method adopted by spas all over the world and there is no wonder to their capabilities of relaxing the body and soul. Historically hammams were used not only to clean the body and relax the mind but also as hubs of social and political activity.

More than just a holiday experience it has been a way of life in Turkey for centuries, when the family would attend at different times, children included.   Wives would attend as a social gathering and at different times, husbands as well.

Not just a wonderful sensuous experience but a tan booster as well.  Small wonder the traditional Turkish bath or Hammam is on most people’s holiday wish list!  Follow in the footsteps of Sultans and their concubines in a bathing experience not to be missed.  Nowadays they are more frequented by tourists looking to experience the blissful relaxation.

📅 Tour Days:Every day
⏱️ Tour Hours:Anytime in the day
✔️ Includes:Hotel transfer, sauna, scrub, oil and foam massages
📌 Highlights:Luxury hammam, relaxing spa experience

Belek Turkish Bath Price

In 2024, price of Turkish Bath in Belek is 25 € per adult. Children between 6 to 12 years old are 15 € and children under 6 years old are free of charge.

Adult13 years and older€25
Child6 — 12 years old€15
Infant0 — 5 years oldFree

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Sauna
  • Foam Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Slippers, Towels, Soap
  • Extra Massages

Belek Turkish Bath Program

The Hamam is open between the hours of 09:00  and 18:00 every day of the week throughout the summer season and most days throughout the winter. So you are free to choose in advance your time of pick up. When you arrive at the Hamam you will be greeted by an English speaking guide and taken to the locker area. A small informative talk will be given for your comfort and peace of mind.  There you will be given your own personal Hamam robe to use during the session and slippers, together with a key for your own personal locker. There you may keep your outer clothing and any personal items you may have brought with you. 

First stage is to open the pores, ridding the skin of any surface toxins.  You will be taken to the Steam Room or Sauna where you will allow the heat to open the pores and relax you.  This initial phase usually lasts about 15 minutes and is merely a prelude to the pleasure to come.

Once your pores are opened and the cleaning process has begun you will be guided by our professional staff to the Hamam itself, where the heated bellystone awaits you.  You will find several marble seats surrounding the stone with water taps and traditional Hamam dishes for pouring the cool water over yourself should you feel too hot.  While waiting your turn on the marble stone you can observe the process with the person being treated before you.  This authentic experience will prepare you for your time of cleansing and exfoliation.


When it is your turn the Masseuse will call you to the belly stone for a body scrub or exfoliation.  With your pores opened and detoxified the masseuse will use a new scrub mitt to remove  excess.  This is a head to toe experience invigorating the skin and helping the promotion of new skin cells.  When the scrub is complete the dead skin is rinsed away and the next stage begins.

Still on the bellystone of the Hamam the cleansing of the new skin starts.  This is that magical moment when the masseuse uses a bar of Hamam soap and what seems to be an elongated pillowslip.  Somehow the  pıllowslip produces the lightest foam which is applied to your skin by massage and fluffing of said pillowcase.  You will be amazed at the lightness of the foam after the body scrub.  Once the body has been cleaned using this method, you are ready for the final procedure and believe me they have saved the best for last.

Full Body Massage

When the cleansing is complete you will be guided to a rest area to await your turn on the massage beds.  A complimentary tea or water is offered while you wait.  Then into the massage area where your masseuse is waiting to complete your Hamam procedure.  Beds can be in groups or if you prefer a single.  The fragrant oil is applied to your newly rejuvinated skin.  This is a full body massage from the roots of your hair to the tip of your toes.  Once you have experienced this part of the Turkish Bath you will know that you are going to come along again at some time. 

The oil massage lasts about 30 minutes.  At all times you are in the hands of our qualified professional masseuse who will understand comfortably should you fall asleep during this end of the Turkish Bath.  Do not be surprised to hear them gently calling you awake as you remember the foregoing procedures.

When your total body oil massage is complete, you will be taken back to your locker for redressing, and given a relaxing, aromatic Turkish Teaor coffee,  while you wait for your transport to come and take you back to your original point of pick up.


How much is Belek Turkish Bath?

Cost of Hamam in Belek in 2024 is 25 € per adult. Children between 6 – 12 years old are 15 € and infants are free of charge.

Is it for me?

The Turkish Bath is a wonderful experience for everyone of all ages.    You are advised to wear your swim clothes for modesty and your hammam towel over the top.  This is for your own comfort during the procedure.

We suggest that you do not plan to do too much else after your Turkish Bath and certainly do not shower or swim if you can help it, as the oils from your massage are working during that time  to give you the perfect glow and skin ready for tanning.  For this reason we recommend that you have a Turkish Bath at the start of your holiday when the tan itself will last weeks longer and your skin will be glowing that much more.

When can i go?

Anytime between 09:00  and 18:00 every day of the week throughout the summer season.

What should i bring with me?

Wear your swim clothes for modesty and light clothing over the top.  You will be given Hamam slippers so footwear is irrelevant.  Do bring some money with you as the produces used for your Hamam may be available to purchase after your procedure has finished.  There may also be photographs taken of you covered in foam enjoying the Hamam experience.  These are optional extras of course.

Why should i take a Turkish Bath?

Firstly for the above mentioned reasons, the new glowing skin cells promote a healthier longer lasting tan, but far more than this is the well being that the Turkish Bath gives.  For rest and relaxation at any time the Turkish Bath is out there on its own. Oh and did we mention the value for money.  Compare prices with a typical UK or European Sauna or Spa if you finally need convincing.

Operated by: Lara Hammam

16 Reviews
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Sarah Johnson

Solo Traveller

What an amazing experience at Belek Turkish Bath! From moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and relaxed. Sauna and steam room were rejuvenating and scrub and foam massage left my skin feeling so smooth. Full body oil massage was perfect way to end session. I left feeling completely refreshed and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Belek!

David Smith

Solo Traveller

Entire experience was so luxurious and soothing. Staff were incredibly professional and made me feel right at home. Scrub and foam massage were so invigorating, and full body oil massage was pure bliss. I left feeling like a new person. Definitely a highlight of my trip!

Sophia Cooper

Couple Traveller

Belek Turkish Bath was absolutely fantastic! From moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality. Sauna and steam room were incredibly relaxing and scrub and foam massage were divine. Full body oil massage was perfect way to end session. I left feeling completely rejuvenated. Can’t wait to return!

Lucas Mitchell

Solo Traveller

Such a rejuvenating experience at Belek Turkish Bath! Entire process was so well organized and staff were attentive to every detail. Scrub and foam massage left my skin feeling so soft. I left feeling completely refreshed and would definitely do it again.

Isabella Cooper

Solo Traveller

My visit to Belek Turkish Bath was absolutely delightful! Atmosphere was so serene and staff were friendly and professional. Scrub and foam massage were so invigorating and full body oil massage was pure bliss. I left feeling completely relaxed and pampered. Highly recommend this experience!