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  • 800 MetersFrom Taucho Site
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Costa Adeje > Costa Adeje Paragliding

Costa Adeje Paragliding

  Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Costa Adeje paragliding is a 15-40 minute tandem experience with takeoff heights ranging from 800 to 2300 meters, features five flight options. Flights are all guided by professional pilots. You can just relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views below.

From 4 to 94, everyone can take flight. If weather conditions allow, you will even have the chance to steer the glider. Hotel pick-up and drop-off services are also included.

There are various take-off spots for paragliding in Costa Adeje. Most popular one is Taucho, in the mountains above Adeje, where you can enjoy flights from 800 meters. Another popular spot is near the Teide cable car base station, allowing you to take off at an exciting 2300 meters.

📅 Tour Days:Every day
⏱️ Tour Hours:10:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 2:00 PM / 4:00 PM
✔️ Includes:Transfer, professional pilot, training service, all equipments
📌 Highlights:Tandem flight from 800 – 2300 meters, 15 – 40 minutes duration

Costa Adeje Paragliding Price

Costa Adeje Paragliding prices range from €90 to €180 in 2024. Among 5 options, flight from 800 meters is the cheapest and flight from Teide is the most expensive option.

Rates include hotel transfer, all equipments, professional pilot, full insurance and bottled water.

800 Meters15 – 25 min.€90
1000 Meters30 – 40 min.€120
800 / 1000 Meters Aerobatic15 – 25 min.€130
800 / 1000 Meters Plus30 – 40 min.€170
2300 Meters TeideApprox. 40 min.€180

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • All Equipments
  • Paragliding Instructions
  • Bottle of Water
  • Professional Pilots
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos

Flight Program

Picking You Up

Your adventure begins with a comfortable ride in a Mercedes Vito, transporting you to the take-off site. Once there, you’ll be introduced to your skilled pilot.

Your pilot will provide essential information and assist you in gearing up with a harness, helmet and GoPro camera to capture the entire flight. No need to worry about the weather – jackets will be provided on cooler days to ensure your comfort.

Pre-Flight Briefing & Flight

Following a brief but informative session on take-off, flight and landing procedures, you’ll take just a few steps before finding yourself gracefully gliding through the air.

Throughout the journey, your experienced pilot will actively seek thermal updrafts, aiming to elevate your flight and prolong the adventure. Listen as the pilot shares fascinating details about the stunning surroundings below.

A Custom Paragliding Experience

If weather permits, you’ll have the chance to take control of the parachute and steer the glider. It adds a hands-on element to your paragliding experience.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and weather conditions allow, don’t hesitate to ask your pilot about the possibility of experiencing high G-force maneuvers – an exhilarating addition to your airborne adventure.


Your descent is planned for the soft sands of Playa la Enramada, offering a picturesque landing spot. It’s important to note that a beach landing isn’t guaranteed and depends on wind conditions. Once your thrilling flight concludes, you can head to the beach bar for a well-deserved post-flight drink.

There are five different flight options, each crafted to match your desires. After choosing a flight which suits you, you can customize in further with your pilot. Whether you’re after an adrenaline-pumping thrill or a calm glide, pilots are ready to make it happen.

1. 800 Meters Flight

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes

800-meter option is the cheapest and most choosen flight in Costa Adeje. It’s perfect for those seeking a thrilling yet accessible introduction to the world of paragliding.

This adventure begins at the elevated Taucho take-off site, nestled in the scenic mountains above Adeje. You will witness the vibrant coastal charm of Costa Adeje unfold beneath you, creating a picturesque panorama that will stay etched in your memory.

Taucho site stands out as Costa Adeje’s premier paragliding destination, renowned for its optimal wind conditions. Cancellations are infrequent, with flights operational on roughly 360 days throughout the year.

2. 1000 Meters Flight

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

1000 meter adventure begins at the elevated Ifonche launch site. From this scenic mountain location above Adeje, you’ll enjoy an enhanced perspective and an extended flight duration.

This flight provides an even more expansive view of Costa Adeje’s diverse landscapes. You will capture panoramic vistas of rolling hills and the expansive coastline, creating a visual spectacle that amplifies the awe of your paragliding journey. While still accessible to beginners, it caters to those seeking a bit more thrill and duration in the air.

3. 800 / 1000 Meters Aerobatic Flight

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes

Aerobatic flight is designed for those seeking an extra dose of excitement. It’s an unique experience filled with acrobatic movements. Unlike traditional paragliding, the 1000-meter Aerobatic option introduces a series of thrilling acrobatic maneuvers.

You will experience dynamic moves like barrel rolls, spins, and sharp turns, adding an electrifying dimension to your paragliding. Following the adrenaline-pumping acrobatic maneuvers, your descent will lead to a serene landing, commonly at the picturesque La Caleta beach.

Depending on the wind conditions, this flight takes off from either the Taucho or Ifonche site.

4. 800 / 1000 Meters Flight Plus

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

1000 Meters Plus option doesn’t offer only an extended flight but also a comprehensive package of delightful extras for a truly memorable adventure.

Your pilot will capture every thrilling moment of your adventure with complimentary high-definition photos and videos. This option also includes a complimentary bottle of Cava, a sparkling Spanish wine. Additionally, you will take home a piece of your paragliding adventure with a complimentary souvenir T-shirt.

Photos and videos include an 8-9 minute overview of the flight, capturing the journey from take-off to landing, along with approximately 50-60 high-definition photos.

Depending on the wind conditions, this flight takes off from either the Taucho or Ifonche site.

5. 2300 Meters Teide Flight

Duration: Appox. 40 minutes

In this choice, you’ll fly high above the famous Teide national park, seeing Costa Adeje’s different landscapes from a majestic spot. Your adventure starts near the Teide cable car base station. From this high place, you’ll launch into the Costa Adeje sky, beginning a journey at a really high altitude.

Flying at 2300 meters gives you an amazing view of either the Valley of Orotava or Guimar. It will show off unique landscapes of island of Costa Adeje. You get to see the island’s beauty from a perspective not many people get to experience.

If the weather is good, you might get to steer the glider by taking control of the parachute, making your high-altitude adventure even more interactive. Your landing will be either in Puerto De la Cruz or Puertito De Guimar, where you can think about the grandness of your high-altitude paragliding adventure.

Please be aware that a minimum of four individuals must be booked for Teide flights.

Q & A

How much is paragliding in Costa Adeje?

In 2024, cost of paragliding in Costa Adeje is €90 from Taucho (800 meters), €120 from Ifonche (1000 meters) and €180 from Teide (2300 meters).

What is the flight duration?

Flight duration varies based on the package selected, ranging between 15 and 40 minutes. From start to finish, takes a total of 2 hours.

What should I wear?

You will be climbing to 800 to 2300 meters. It’s advisable to wear warm clothes as temperatures may be chilly at high altitudes. Additionally, make sure to wear trainers, as you’ll need them for a few steps with your pilot before take-off.

Who can and can not attend paragliding experience?

Anyone weighing over 110kg, under the age of 4, pregnant individuals, and those under 16 without written parental consent are not allowed to attend the paragliding experience; additionally, participants must avoid alcohol or drugs.

Can I fly side to side with my friends or family?

Flying together with your friends or family is possible. There are multiple pilots who make efforts to fly next to each other; however, the feasibility may depend on the weather conditions.

Can I buy photos and videos of the flight?

If you book the 1000 Meters Plus flight package, photos and videos are included. For other flight packages, you have the option to purchase the flight media for an additional fee of €30.

Flight media contains an 8-9 minute video and approximately 50-60 photos captured during your paragliding experience.

Will I have opportunity to control the glider?

If weather conditions permit you will have the opportunity to control the glider for a certain duration during the flight.

Is there a pick-up service?

Paragliding experience includes a complimentary pick-up service if you are staying between Los Cristianos and Playa San Juan. If you are outside this area will incur an additional charge.

Alternatively, if you have a rental car, you can arrive at Coqueluche Beach Bar at La Enramada Beach, where free parking is available next to the beach.

For individuals staying on the Northern part of the island, we recommend reaching out to us directly. We will provide information regarding the possibility of arranging a pick-up for your paragliding experience.

Are flight cancellations common in Costa Adeje?

Cancellations from Taucho (800 meters) and Ifonche site (1000 meters) are infrequent, with occasional delays for better wind conditions. However, flight cancellations from Teide are more common, likely due to varying and challenging weather conditions at higher altitudes.

Is paragliding in Costa Adeje safe?

Paragliding in Costa Adeje ensures a safe flight and exhilarating experience. Licensed pilots possess extensive expertise in flying. The commitment to safety is evident through the use of state-of-the-art and meticulously maintained equipment.

With the advantage of flying year-round, pilots leverage their knowledge of local weather patterns to create optimal and secure paragliding conditions. This combination of skilled pilots, advanced equipment, and a commitment to safety standards contributes to a memorable and secure paragliding adventure.

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