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Costa Adeje Excursions

Teide Tour From Costa Adeje

Teide Tour From Costa Adeje


Reach an altitude of 3555 meters in 8 minutes. Tour with professional guides.

Costa Adeje Quad Biking

Costa Adeje Quad Biking


400 cc quads for tours lasting 1.5 to 3.5 hours, with off-road, sunset, forest and Teide options.

Costa Adeje Paragliding

Costa Adeje Paragliding


Tandem flight from 800, 1000, or 2300 meters. Enjoy stunning landscapes of Tenerife from the air.

Tips from the locals: What to do in Costa Adeje?

There’s so much more to Costa Adeje than beautiful beaches and nightlife. You’ll definitely want to venture out of the resorts and explore the surrounding villages and stunning landscape. Whether you want to explore the island’s volcanic origins or head out to sea for whale watching, there’s something for everyone in Costa Adeje. Keep reading to find out what some locals recommend for your visit to Costa Adeje, with some sights you won’t want to miss!

What’s in Costa Adeje that’s fun for the whole family?

There are several theme parks and water parks in Costa Adeje that guarantee excellent family outings, entertaining everyone from the youngest to the oldest members. If you love animals and wildlife, you can choose to visit Loro Park and see the beautiful parrots and exotic birds, or you can opt for a walk in the wildlife park at Jungle Park. If water fun is more your thing, be sure to visit Siam Park, one of the theme water parks with plenty of slides and entertainment. A tip for those on a budget is to buy combined tickets at a reduced price!

What about older kids? How can you best entertain them?

Guests of all ages will enjoy the theme parks, but there’s more to offer in Costa Adeje. For those with older children looking for an adrenaline rush while visiting the island, you can choose to go quad biking or buggy riding for an afternoon. This is a great way to combine sightseeing with a new and unique experience. You might even spend an afternoon go-karting, and a trip to Forestal Park is a fun idea for the active family who enjoys adventure together!

What are the family-friendly activities in Kos?

A pirate boat trip is a fun way to explore the coastline. Children will have a great time and enjoy the adventure of sailing on a pirate boat trip. The boat stops at the bays and beautiful sandy beaches during the tour. You can snorkel, swim, and sunbathe. The boat crew entertains you with pirate-themed games and music. A delicious Greek lunch is included.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, sea fishing is the excellent tour. Join the local fishing boat in Kos town and learn how to catch fish like a pro. Children will enjoy the thrill of catching their first fish. They will also learn about the marine ecosystem of the Aegean Sea. Your catch will be cooked at a restaurant in Kos town.

If you want to see the real Kos, Therma is highly recommended. You can bathe in natural hot springs and swim in therapeutic waters. Crystal clear water is said to have healing properties. You can rent a car and go there. You can also join private tours to see the place. The Therma beach is a destination you must see. It would be one of the great days of your vacation.

What are the best boat trips to do from Costa Adeje?

As an island, you’ll find there’s a wide range of different boat trips! If you’re in need of a relaxing day out, we recommend trying one of the lazy day excursions. One opportunity you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Costa Adeje is the chance to spot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. When you’re on the beach or along the coast, keep an eye out in hopes of spotting some of these majestic creatures, but we highly recommend joining a whale watching boat, where the captain will use his local knowledge to increase your chances of spotting not only whales and dolphins but also other interesting marine life!

What’s the best way to explore Teide?

No visitor to the island should leave without first paying their respects to the volcano that dominates the skyline. There are many ways to get up close and personal with the island, and because the national park covers such a large area, we recommend joining a tour to make the most of your visit. There are tours available where you have to do some walking, and there are tours available where you can also visit by bus. Be sure to head to the cable car that runs to the heights of Teide so you can experience the volcano to the fullest!

Can I island hop from Costa Adeje?

Costa Adeje is an excellent base for visiting some of the sister islands of the Canary Islands. Ferries run daily from Costa Adeje to Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro, as well as a ferry that will take you to the mainland of Spain (provided you don’t mind the 35-hour crossing). You can use these ferries to hop from one island to another, or you can simply spend the day on one of the sister islands and return to Costa Adeje on the same day. If you’re unfamiliar with the island of your destination, it’s a good idea to book one of the organized tours so you can make the most of your time during your visit!

Are there any ‘must do’ or ‘must see’ activities?

If you have even the slightest interest in astronomy or astrology, then a tour you must do is the stargazing experience. This is a magical evening where we gaze at the night sky and spot constellations rarely visible from the light-polluted cities we often find ourselves in. This can be a romantic evening and perhaps the ideal opportunity for a proposal or even to rekindle a relationship.

What’s the best way to visit the island in one day?

There are many ways to explore the island, including public transportation and car rentals. For those of you who want to make the most of your day and see the main attractions without any stress, we recommend joining a tour, which is not only often more cost-effective but also helps you visit the major sights.

Weather in Costa Adeje

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