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Antalya has a lot of activities for adventure lovers such as quad biking, buggy safari, rafting, jeep safari and many more.

Rafting on the fast waters of the Köprüçay mountain river on special rubber boats is one of the most exciting and fun family tours in Antalya. Due to their size and capacity, rafting boats are very confidently controlled even when passing through active rapids.

Rafting on the river takes place on 10-seater boats under the supervision of professional instructors who conduct a preliminary briefing before the start of the program. All guests will receive mandatory protective equipment – helmets and life jackets, which are necessary during the excursion, since the bottom of the river is especially rocky.

Paragliding in Antalya is an ideal activity for thrill-seekers. Not a single fan of extreme sports will pass by a fascinating paragliding excursion from Antalya, because only here you can see the surroundings of the resort and admire the unprecedented beauty of nature from a bird’s eye view. During a parachute jump, you can see the entire picturesque coast of the Antalya regions and rightfully appreciate the greatness of these Turkish beauties.

Buggy safari in Antalya is a great opportunity to drive off-road in light and maneuverable vehicles, visiting natural treasures in the countryside and admiring the picturesque places of reserved nature: a huge amount of vegetation, the Taurus Mountains, stormy rivers and slopes, as well as amazing views of the sea coast.

Quad safari in Antalya is an exceptional opportunity for tourists to masterfully conquer the famous Turkish off-road and get acquainted with the most hidden paths lost among the lush greenery of the majestic Taurus Mountains. Even if the guest has no experience of driving a vehicle, he can easily take a passenger seat and not be distracted from viewing the natural landscapes of picturesque Turkey. To visit Antalya quad bike safari, you do not need to have driving skills or a driver’s license.

Jeep safari in Antalya is an alternative option for a full day holiday, as it combines everything you need to increase your adrenaline levels and drive. Off-road driving through the Taurus Mountains, walks in the forest, swimming in a natural pool and a breathtaking view of the Uchansu waterfall.

Adventurous activity prices in Antalya range from €28 to €50 in 2024. Among 5 excursions, quad biking is the cheapest, and tandem paragliding is the most expensive option.

Boat TripAdult PriceChild Price*
Quad Biking€28€12
Buggy Safari€33€12
Jeep Safari€30€20
Tandem Paragliding€50€50

*The age range for child discounts on most tours is between 7-12 years, with some tours offering discounts for children between 3-7 years.

💖 Best adventurous activity for first-timers:Paragliding
👪 Best adventurous activity for families:Jeep Safari
💰 Best budget adventurous activity:Rafting
👫 Best adventurous activity for couples:Buggy Safari

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Adventurous Things To Do in Antalya

Antalya has a lot of activities for adventure lovers such as quad biking, buggy safari, rafting, jeep safari and many more.

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