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Pamukkale > Hot Air Ballooning in Pamukkale

Hot Air Ballooning in Pamukkale

  Last Updated: May 31, 2024

Rising above it all, the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour is an incredible experience for the discerning tourist to Turkey.   This tour goes out at sunrise making it even more magical to behold.  The baskets have a 20 person maximum capacity and take off from the lakes at the foothills of the travertines (the white sedimentary rock formations) that Pamukkale is most famous for. 

You will fly over the sights below offering you an alternative view over this popular destination. Hierapolis is home to Cleopatras Pool, which is visible from the air and where the famous Queen once bathed in times of antiquity.  In recent times  archaeologists also believed that they found the entrance to ‘Hell’ in Hierapolis.  This was an ancient temple where priests sacrificed birds who fell dead from the underground gases, that surfaced at the site.  Smaller than its neighbour Ephesus, Hierapolis was no less an important ancient city, with many of its buidings and streets easily visible on your flight. 

This is a great way to experience Pamukkale and all it has to offer from an aerial perspective.  You will feel calm and serene as you float over the stunning countryside in a silence fitting for the setting.  Your silence and serenity will be perforated only by the occasional whoosh of hot air as your pilot steers you over the cotton cascades and ancient city.

For anyone looking for that little bit extra from their holiday, a visit to Pamukkale and a Hot Air Balloon ride is going that extra mile in life experience.   The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon has gone out daily since its launch in August of 2020. For couples, singles and groups who have something, or nothing, to celebrate, the Hot Air Balloon experience will remain with you always as one of your happiest most amazing memories.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Price

Until July 2024, price of Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Price is 85 € for adults. This rate includes both way transfer from your hotel, snacks before the flight, the balloon flight itself, champagne toast and flight certificates. The flight will last anything in between 50 and 70 minutes.

January06:50 – 09:3580 €
February06:25 – 09:1080 €
March05:45 – 08:3080 €
April04:55 – 07:4080 €
May04:20 – 07:0580 €
June04:05 – 06:5085 €
July04:20 – 07:05120 €
August04:45 – 07:30140 €
September05:15 – 08:00140 €
October05:40 – 08:25120 €
November06:15 – 09:0080 €
December06:40 – 09:2580 €

*These are the planned pick-up & drop-back timings. Due to weather conditions of the day, actual timings may differ.

Included / Excluded

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Balloon Ride (1 Hour)
  • Champagne Toast
  • Pilot Fee
  • Insurance
  • Photos & Videos

Pamukkale Hot Air Ballooning Program

Pick up times are 05:30 throughout the summer months and 07:00 during the winter months.  Pick up is free from Pamukkale and Karahayit.  An extra charge is usually incurred with pick up from Denizli and Cardak Airport, which is a little further from the flight base.

Once you are picked up from your accomodation by the transfer team you will be brought to the base site at the edge of Pamukkale town to watch the balloons being filled.  This magical sight will take place as the sun begins to rise and once your balloon is ready you will be escorted to your balloon and given a brief safety talk about your flight.  At this point you will be able to witness the filling of the balloon and marvel at its sheer size.

Once on board you will rise slowly above the white rocks of Pamukkale, up to the height of around a thousand  metres, with a 360 degree view of the amazing landscape below.  Your pilot guide will give you information regarding your flight and a brief history of the area below you.  You will pass over the ancient city of Hierapolis, a ruined Hellenistic city of great size nestling on the plateau above Pamukkale, giving you a unique view of this Unesco World Heritage Site.

Your flight will last around an hour, during which time you will marvel at the amazing colours of sunrise over beautiful Pamukkale, with its natural pool formations and its hidden gem of a city nestling at the top of the travertines, like a jewelled crown.  Then when you come to land once more there will be a champagne reception awaiting you along with your flight certificate of achievement.  An unforgettable way to end your Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon experience.

In total you will be out of your hotel for around 2 hours and your return transfer will have you back at your accomodation at around 07:30 in the summer and 09:00 in the winter season.


How high do the balloons rise in Pamukkale?

Hot air balloons in Pamukkale can rise up to 1000 meters (3280 feet). Actual altitute differs day to day and depends on the direction and speed of the wind.

Are flight cancellations are common in Pamukkale?

Cancellations of hot air balloon flights in Pamukkale are possible due to weather conditions. Flight can be canceled due to heavy fog or heavy rain. Flight cancellations are more likely from October to March.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If your hot air balloon flight is canceled due to weather conditions, flight may be rescheduled to the next morning. If you do not have time or do not want to reschedule your flight, you are refunded in full.

Is it safe?

All pilots are trained by the Turkish Civil Aviation Academy and are in possession of full pilot licenses.  With hundreds of hours of experience flying you will be in the best hands and with over 10 years experience flying hot air balloons over Pamukkale the best company!

Is it for me?

For able bodied adults this is a unique and easy experience.  Not advisable for very young children or anyone with a fear of heights.  Women in the first three months of pregnancy are not recommended to do this tour or anyone recently recovering from surgery or with hip  and waist ailments. 

What should i bring with me?

Do bring your camera or mobile phone for those unique photo shots.  Some money for sundries when you land or those professional photographs which might be taken on your behalf.  An extra jacket or layer of clothing is recommended as the dawn hours can be cold, particularly during the winter months and of course, sensible shoes for your flight are essential.

What is included in the price?

The tour is of course fully insured.  Your balloon flight fee and pilot fee, your flight certificate and champagne toast, plus pick up and return to your original pick up point are all included in the cost of your ticket.

Operated by: Pamukkale Flights