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Istanbul > Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath

Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath Experience

  Last Updated: April 18, 2024

The Turkish Bath is a most wonderful, relaxing experience.  Not only is it good to ease the stresses of modern life, but for the skin treatment that it offers too.  Where better to experience this procedure than the oldest Hamam  in Turkey, the Çemberlitas Bath?  Built in 1584 and only modified slightly through the centuries, it is here that you will experience an authentic Turkish Bath, which still segregates males and females. 

This was the custom in the 16th century and continues to this day in some Hamams.  The building is awesome when you first encounter it.  It is advised to arrive a little earlier than your rendezvous time, in order to walk around and admire this 16th century building, still displaying its former glory as though it was built yesterday.

The building has been in constant use throughout this time, with very little change to its infrastructure.  Decorated with beautiful antique tiling and with its gentle ambience, the outside world melts away and there is only you, your companions, the warmth and the masseuse.

Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath Price

In 2024, price of Istanbul Turkish Bath Experience is 35 € per person without oil massage and 50 € with oil massage.

Includes / Excludes

  • Scrubbing
  • Foam Massage
  • Sauna
  • Oil Massage (Optional)
  • Lockers
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Personal Expenses
  • Beverages

Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath Program

Once you have duly admired your surroundings it will be time to begin.

You will be handed a robe and directed to the changing rooms, whereby you may leave your outer clothes and any valuables in a locker.  It is recommended that you wear your bathers for modesty throughout the experience.

Once changed you will be directed to the Hot Room.  The modern equivalent of the Hot room is a sauna.  Here you will relax and lie out, allowing the toxins to leave your body through your open sweat glands.  This usually lasts around 15 minutes.

The next stage is to take you to the main room, wherein lies the belly stone. You may watch others have their turn by sitting along the outer wall of the room, cooling yourself where you wish, with the basins along the wall and by using the traditional dishes to pour cool water over yourself. When it is your turn on the hot stone, you will be made comfortable while the masseuse washes the perspiration from your open pores. 

Then begins the scrub. A fresh mitt is used for every individual. The masseuse continues to remove the loosened top layer of your skin with the mitt. This is invigorating as well as a beauty procedure. Fresh skin glows differently once the excess dead cells are removed.

Once completed, your body is rinsed once more. Your next stage continues with a foam massage. A bar of soap supplies all the foam to what appears to be a long pillowcase. With incredible lightness you are covered from head to toe with the foam, massaged into your newly scrubbed skin, before being rinsed off.

If you have chosen the second option of your Turkish Bath the following will occur. If not this is where you leave and go back to your locker to change.

A waiting period ensues before your final treatment.

When your freshly scrubbed and washed skin has rested you leave for the smaller massage rooms, whereby an aromatic oil massage ensues. This normally lasts around 15 to 20 minutes.

As your Turkish Bath experience ends, you return to your locker to change and return to your hotel.


How much is Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath Experience?

Cost of Istanbul Traditional Turkish Bath is 35 € without oil massage and 50 € with oil massage.

Is there any particular time i should go for the bath?

Do consider this at the start of your holiday.  If you are thinking to go home with that beautiful tan, consider this first.  Your newly scrubbed skin will be with you for about 4 weeks before you begin to naturally exfoliate, therefore your new skin and suntan should last longer than if you have a Turkish Bath at the end of your holiday.

You can opt to go at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Is there a transfer service avaliable?

There is no transfer service included in the cost and you should take into account that you are responsible for arriving at the venue on your own.

What is included in the two types of bath?

Option 1 gives you Hot Room (15 minues) and body scrub and rinse.

Option 2 gives you the same but followed with a foam massage and an aromatic oil massage to close.

Is it suitable for me?

If you suffer from heart ailments, or if you are asthmatic or pregnant, it is not advisable for you to undergo a Turkish Bath.

Other than this the Turkish Bath is a wonderful cleansing procedure for all.

What do i need to bring along with me?

Do wear your swimsuit for modesty.  You will be given a hamam towel for the duration of your Turkish Bath.  Non slip footwear is also a good idea if you have some.

Bring some money for drinks or optional extras.

Bring your camera, even if you do not want pictures of yourself, the building may prove too alluring not to take pictures.

Anything in particular i need to know?

To obtain the most advantage from your Turkish Bath it is recommended that you do not shower or wash off the oils for at least two hours after completion.  This is to ensure the maximum effect of healing to your skin.

If by any chance you have sensitive skin and have opted for the extra services, you may bring your own soap to the Hamam.

Operated by: Cemberlitas Hamam