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Book From Locals > Antalya > Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride

Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride

Antalya Pamukkale tour with hot air balloon ride offers amazing views of Pamukkale from ground and air in the same day. Everyone knows that you have to visit Pamukkale at least once to see all this snow-white glory, natural pools filled with crystal clear water, the ruins of the city of Hierapolis, its amphitheatre. But have you ever thought that all this is worth seeing, not just by walking around, but rather by rising to the clouds on balloon and seeing the magnificence of Pamukkale National Park from above?

If this idea suits you, we will pick you up from your hotel on the appointed day and time and a comfortable air-conditioned bus will take you to Pamukkale early in the morning. You will rise to see the rays of the rising sun staining the white travertine in incredible colours. At the end of the flight you will be given a certificate of the aerial journey undertaken. Don’t worry about the entrance ticket and lunch. They are already included in the price of your tour. You will have time to walk around Pamukkale itself, swim in the travertine pools and visit the Cleopatra’s Pool. In the evening the bus will take you, pleasantly tired, to your hotel. Early booking is recommended.

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If you have ever wanted to fly like a bird, hot air ballooning might be the very next best thing. With all safety standard procedures in check and your well being of the uppermost importance, there can be no greater venture than to take a hot air balloon tour. Furthermore, you will have the chance to take this flight over the amazing white travertines of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) and over the antique city of Hierapolis. Often thought of as the poor man’s Ephesus, this city was of no less importance in ancient times, and has often been hailed throughout the centuries for its healing waters. Today the only pilgrims heading towards the city are tourists.

Almost 2,000 years ago one of Jesus’ apostles, St Philip, was held and ended his days here in Hierapolis. With its Christian roots and its worship of the ancient Greek Gods, the city has an abundance of history still waiting to be discovered. Even Queen Cleopatra (a member of the Greek Ptolome family) walked the streets of Hierapolis. This is your chance to fly above the ancient metropolis and to later walk in the footsteps of queens and apostles.

From high above you will be able to understand the true beauty of Pamukkale and thetravertines that cascade like cotton candy down the hill on which Hierapolis is found. You will truly feel priviledged to be soaring above, seeing this attraction in a way that so few are able to.

Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride Price

In 2023, price of Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride is 210 € per person. 175€ for children between age 3 and 6.

Included / Excluded

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Insurance
  • Guide
  • Balloon Ride (1 Hour)
  • Champagne Toast
  • Pilot Fee
  • Entrance Fee
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Photos & Videos
  • Drinks

Days & Time

Every Monday, Thursday. all year round at the sunrise. Flight is 1 hour long.

Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride Itinerary

Your day starts with an early morning pickup from your hotel in Antalya. Your guide on board your fully air conditioned luxury coach will greet you, and when everyone is ready, you will begin your journey to the hot air balloon base just outside Pamukkale.

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On arrival at the base you will have the option to take a balloon ride over the area with its magnificent views. You will be able to take refreshment while you watch your balloon being prepared. Once you have been given a safety talk by the pilot it will be time for you to board.

Once on board your flight will begin. As the sun rises so do you, with that magnificent backdrop of dawn over the travertines.

The flight lasts up to one hour (depending on thermals) and then you will return to the base, where you are given a champagne toast and a certificate stating that you have completed the balloon ride.

When you return to base, you may be able to see any photographs taken of the flight, for your optional purchase.

With the day still young, you will continue on to Pamukkale town with a walk up the travertines and along to the botanic gardens with the vast array of flora, and onto the Tourist Centre and Hierapolis itself.

With free time at the Centre you may choose to take a dip in Cleopatra’s thermal pool, or simply browse the souvenir shops, take a bite to eat at one of the restaurants or just walk along the ruins of this once magnificent city with its breathtaking vistas. It is easy to see why Hierapolis was so well defended, with its 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside.

At the designated time and place you will rejoin your guide at the coach, before making your return journey to Antalya and your holiday hotel.


How much is Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Cost of Antalya Pamukkale Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride is 210 € for adults, 175 € for children between age 3 and 6.

When does this tour go?

The tour goes out twice a week and is an early morning start at around 04:00 from Antalya. Your time and date will be confirmed when you purchase your ticket.

Can anyone do this?

This tour is not recommended for anyone with an existing heart condition or severe mobility problems. Please use discretion when booking. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to join the flight, likewise pregnant women.

I am afraid of heights is it for me?

Of course you are going to explore the area from a great height, you should consider this before booking. Please note that all balloons have a professional pilot on board and are safety checked for your security. Also you may bypass the balloon flight and wait at the base for its return, before you go on to a very grounded tour of fascinating Pamukkale.

What should I take on board?

The tour may be a little chilly in the early morning air so do bring a jacket or sweater just in case. Appropriate footwear for the day is highly recommended. Note that no footwear is allowed for walking on the travertines, however you are allowed to walk barefoot through the pools as well as on the calcified rocks.

Are the travertines slippery to walk on?

Not at all, despite their icy appearance, they are of a soft chalk in texture and are easily discoloured, which is why you are only allowed to walk on them barefoot. The only time you are likely to walk on anything slippery is the green algae that sometimes forms on the edges of the pools. You should take care with them.

Is there anything specific I need to bring with me?

A camera is always a good idea, with yet one more UNESCO World Heritage Site for you to visit in Turkey, it will get plenty of use.

Good footwear for the tour is highly recommended. Even though you walk barefoot on the travertines you will have plenty to explore when you reach the top and the ancient city.

Do bring your swimwear, you can swim in the rock pools and as an optional extra, Cleopatras Pool. This is payable locally and extra to your ticket. Likewise don’t forget your sun cream, sunglasses and towel!

How much spending money should I bring?

Bring enough money with you for those optional expenditures such as snacks, drinks or souvenirs. Carrying a bottle of water with you at all times is highly recommended during the summer months. Remember to stay hydrated!

What is included altogether?

Pickup from your Antalya hotel and return at the end of the tour.

Your Air conditioned coach with guide and insurance.

Lunch and entry into Pamukkale.

Balloon ride.

And not included?

Entry into Cleopatra’s Pool, again payable locally.

Any food and drink you puchase (other than lunch)

Any souvenirs or photographs and DVDs you choose to purchase througout the tour.