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Antalya Family Buggy Tour (4 Seat Vehicles)

For those moments when you’ve got two kids and Mom doesn’t want to drive a buggy on her own, the answer is here, in the Antalya Family Buggy Tour, with four seat frame cars available to drive along the Taurus Mountain route.  If you have done this route before in a two seater frame car, you may well have left family members back at the base awaiting your return.  Not any more.  Comfortably seating 4 members of your family was never easier, and now the fun extends to all the family at once, in one car!

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With essentially the same route available, you will negotiate the mud, river and dust of the pine trail through the foothills of the rugged Taurus Mountains, with their amazing views of Antalya.  The area covers a 20 kilometre route that should take, on average 70 minutes to complete.  The adrenalin rush that you can all share is here for your entertainment.

This is the perfect alternative to quad or buggy safari and is perfect for larger families or groups who wish to ride together!

Antalya Family Buggy Safari Price

In 2022, price of Antalya Family Buggy Tour is 90 €. Price is not per person but per vehicle (up to 4 people).

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Training Service
  • Buggy Cars
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos

Days & Time

Everyday, all year round. 3 Sessions in a day.

Antalya Family Buggy Safari Itinerary

This tour goes out twice daily, morning or afternoon, when you will be picked up from your Antalya hotel and taken to the Buggy centre in the Taurus mountains.  Greeted by your English speaking professional guide, you will be given the necessary safety equipment and instruction as to how to drive your buggy.  There will follow a small test drive to see that you are comfortable with the driving and, away you go.

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The drive will take you through rugged terrain, both wet and dry and muddy.  Around man made obstacles that will test your newly found driving skills.  This drive will last approximately 70 minutes and you will then find yourself returning to the base.  Before this you may have a chance to cool off in the river before your triumphant return.

Back at the base you will have a chance to shower and change, and to see any photographs taken of you during the drive, with an option to purchase if you wish.  All done and your transport returns to take you back to your hotel in Antalya.


How much is Antalya Family Buggy Tour?

Cost of Antalya Family Buggy Tour is 90 €. Price is not per person, It’s per vehicle.

Can anyone drive the family buggy?

16 years and under are not allowed to drive, but may sit as passengers.  17 and over may drive.  The good news is that you do not need a license in order to drive the buggy, nor does it require any previous driving experience as basic tuition will be given at the base when you arrive.

So what's included?

Firstly  transfer to the base and subsequent return to your hotel.

Hire of the high quality frame car for the duration of the tour.

Any safety equipment necessary.


And what's not included?

Any personal spending you may wish to make throughout your session.

Food and drinks.

Do i need to bring anything particular with me?

Do wear your swimwear underneath your t shirt and shorts or loose clothing.

Bring a towel, sunglasses and suncream, and consider a bandana to wear along with your sunglasses as dust protection while you drive.  This should apply to your fellow passengers also.

Wear appropriate shoes that are not likely to fall off in the water or mud.

Bring some money with you for any personal extras.

You may bring a camera with you, though it is ill advised.  If you do bring one, make sure that it is either a waterproof camera or that you have a waterproof container for it.  This is an adrenalin packed tour that may leave little time for picture taking.

Do bring a bottle of water with you for rehydration throughout the drive.

Will there be photos avaliable to buy?

There is likely to be a cameraman at the base who will be taking action shots of you throughout the tour.  Any pictures taken or DVDs of your tour will be available to purchase and be seen when your return to base camp.  Usually of a high quality and payable locally.

Is there a dress code?

Your good clothes will not look so good after a morning on the mountain in the mud and river, best to leave your good stuff and designer gear back at the hotel and come along in your oldest clothes.