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Tenerife > Teide Cable Car Tickets

Teide Cable Car Tickets

  Last Updated: June 3, 2024

Teide cable car tickets offer an amazing journey to the sky, allowing you to ascend to an altitude of 3555 meters in just 8 minutes. Teide is located on the center of the island and is just 1 hour drive from south or north hotels. Cable car offers an unforgettable experience for tourists seeking stunning panoramic views. 

As you ascend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. They include dramatic volcanic terrain and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Cable car journey takes you to the summit of Mount Teide. It’s the highest peak in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world.

Once at the top, you can enjoy 360-degree view of the island. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will be thrilled to spot unique plant species. Teide violet, blooms in the volcanic soil is one of the endemic plants in the area.

You will have one hour time at the summit station. There are three viewpoints where you can see different sides of Tenerife and see the other Canary Islands.

There are half day guided tours to Teide with cable car included. You can find the information and the pricement of the tours below.

📅 Open Days:Every day
⏱️ Open Time:9:00 AM – 6:40 PM
🏔️ Altitude:3555 meters from ground
📌 Highlights:44 passengers in each cabin, 8 minute ride

Daily Tours To Teide

Teide tour is easy and worry-free way to enjoy Teide cable car ride. Renting a car to go to Teide is an option, but if the cable car is canceled due to weather, your plans may fall apart.

If you join the tour, even if the cable car is not running, you still get to explore Teide National Park with the professional guide, ensuring a great experience no matter what.

In the tour you will visit Mount Teide, Spain’s highest point and a UNESCO site. You can choose the tour with or without the cable car for flexibility.

Teide Tour Price

In 2024, Teide tour costs €49 for adults and €24.5 for children aged 3 to 13. With the cable car, prices are €85 for adults and €42.5 for children. Under 3 are not allowed to the tour.

This rate includes hotel transfers, guiding service and if cable car booked, both way cable car tickets and Admission ticket for the “Science and Legend” exhibition.

Teide Tour Without Cable Car€49€24.5
Teide Tour With Cable Car€85€42.5

Teide Tour Program

7:30 AM Pick-up

Your Teide tour starts with a convenient pick-up service between 07:30 – 08:30.

Tour busses are pretty comfortable equipped with full air-conditioning. Professional guides fluent in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French accompany you on this journey.

En route to Teide, your tour guide will share fascinating insights into Canarian lifestyle, Teide National Park, and the diverse flora and fauna unique to the region. After roughly an hour of drive, you will have a comfort break.

9:00 AM Coffee Break

During the scenic drive, you will enjoy one or two comfort breaks. You can stretch your legs, have a coffee and access to restroom facilities.

After this refreshing break, your ascent continues as the bus passes through local towns. You will enjoy picturesque views of pine forests and witness the sudden transformation of the terrain. You will get amazed at the captivating endemic flora of Teide, adding a splash of color to the mountainside.

Feel free to engage with your guide. They are here to enhance your experience and make your day memorable. You will also have an audio guide so you can read and listen about Teide from your Android or Apple devices.

Bus journey is as much a part of the adventure as the destination itself. You will have 20 minutes drive to the base station.

10:45 AM Base Station

You will arrive at the cable car base station around 10:45. Station is situated at an altitude of 2356 meters. Capacity of the cable cars are 44 people but for comfort of the guests usually no more than 37 people are taken. There are couple of seating spots in the cabins.

Your ascend to the summit of Mount Teide will take roughly 8 minutes. During the ride, you can relish panoramic views of the Mars-like terrain. The cable car features windows on all four sides and the top, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Mount Teide cable car has a maximum speed of 26.2 feet per second (8 m/s), and in just under 8 minutes, you will reach an elevation of 3555 meters.

11:00 AM Upper Station & Viewpoints

Upper station features Wi-Fi, restrooms and vending machines. At the summit, there are three distinct viewpoints, each offering unique sights:

  1. La Rambleta Viewpoint: La Rambleta viewpoint is located right next to the upper station. As soon as you step out of the cable car, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of Cañadas and Ucanca valley.
  2. La Fortaleza Viewpoint: For a different perspective, you can follow the La Fortaleza trail, situated 600 meters from the station. A 10 – 12 minute walk will lead you to spectacular views of northern Tenerife.
  3. Pico Viejo Viewpoint: If you prefer a stroll, you can choose to walk to the Pico Viejo viewpoint, also 600 meters from the station. 15 to 17 minute walk unveils views of Southern Tenerife, including the impressive 800-meter diameter Pico Viejo crater. On clear days, you might even catch sight of the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Palma from this vantage point.

12:00 AM Returning To Base Station

After an hour of exploring the breathtaking viewpoints and marveling at the craters, surrounding islands and unique terrain, it’s time to begin the return journey. Trip back will take approximately 8 minutes. After reaching base station, you will have some free time.

Here, you will discover a range of facilities, including souvenir shops, restrooms and a cafeteria. Cafeteria boasts multiple viewing stations, providing the perfect setting to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

1:00 PM Science and Legend Exhibition

There is an exhibition at the base station where you will discover the story of Mount Teide’s significant eruption, which happened about 1,000 years ago. Guanches (indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands) believed it was like a battle between powerful gods, a perspective different from today’s scientific understanding of volcanic eruptions.

In the story, you will learn about Guayota, a character representing both good and evil. The gods and people will share their perspective on the stages of the eruption that shaped the top of Mount Teide, known as “el tapón del Teide” [the Teide cap]. It’s a magical tale with a big fight between good and bad.

The entrance to the exhibition centre is free of charge if you book the tour + cable car package. If you solely book the tour, there is a small fee to see it (€3 in 2024).

2:00 PM Return To Hotels

At 2:00 PM, the bus will depart from the base station. You will have a roughly 1-hour ride to Southern and Northern hotels. If your hotels are in Santa Cruz or Candelaria, it will take 1.5 hours.

Please note that the actual timing of the tour may be subject to change based on delays throughout the day.

If you wish, you can arrange your transfer back to your resort, inform the tour guide and stay there to watch the sunset.

Tour Video

Q & A

How much is Teide tour with cable car?

Cost of the Teide tour with cable car is 85 EUR for adults, 42.5 EUR for children between the ages 3 and 13, and free for children under three years old in 2024.

Which days can I join the tour?

Teide tour is organized everyday from southern and northern side of Tenerife. Every Monday & Friday from Santa Cruz & Candelaria hotels.

ToursDaysGuiding Language
South Tenerife HotelsEvery daySpanish, English, German, French, Italian
North Tenerife HotelsEvery daySpanish, English, German
Santa Cruz & CandelariaMonday & FridaySpanish, English, German, French

Can everyone ride the cable car?

People with cardiovascular conditions, pregnant women, and children under 3 are not allowed on the Teide cable car due to health risks from the altitude.

Those with physical disabilities or motor impairments are also not permitted for safety reasons. Suitcases and large bags are not allowed.

What should I wear?

Wear warm clothing and sturdy shoes. Due to high exposure, it’s advisable to also wear a hat and sunglasses.

What should I take with me?

You should prepare to hike so a small rucksack with water and snacks is advisable.

Is lunch included?

There is no lunch included in this excursion though facilities are available to purchase drinks and snacks.

How much are the Teide cable car tickets?

In 2024, Teide cable car tickets price is €40 for non-resident adults and €20 for their children who are between 3 and 13 years old. Children under 3 are not allowed to participate. There is a discount for one-way tickets and Canary Islands residents.

Ticket PricesAdultChild
Non Resident Return Ticket€40€20
Non Resident One-Way Ticket€22€11
Resident Return Ticket€16€10
Resident One-Way Ticket€11€5.5

Note: Buying Teide cable car tickets do not include transfer from your hotel. If you will make your own way to the Teide, tickets can be booked from Volcano Teide offical website.

What are the Teide cable car opening times?

Teide cable car is open every day and runs once every 10 minutes if weather conditions allow. You can find the first ascent and last descent times below.

DateFirst AscentLast Descent
January 1 – March 229:00 AM4:50 PM
March 23 – April 79:00 AM6:30 PM
April 8 – June 309:00 AM4:50 PM
July 1 – September 309:00 AM6:30 PM
October 1 – October 139:00 AM5:50 PM
October 14 – October 269:00 AM5:20 PM
October 27 – December 319:00 AM4:50 PM


Operated by: Volcano Teide