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Kardamena > Kardamena Greek Night

Kardamena Greek Night (Zia Sunset)

  Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Kardamena Greek Night is a four-hour event that showcases delicious Greek cuisine, red and white wine, dance performances, and Zia sunset.

Fantasia restaurant is set perfectly, offering grand views of the Kos valley, the Aegean Sea and its beautiful islands. Here, restaurant serves an assortment of Greek specialties and delectable dishes that will introduce you to the flavors of traditional Greek cuisine. Throughout the night, you can savor as much wine as you’d like. For our younger guests, restaurant offers juice.

The night is made even more enjoyable with live Greek dance shows, featuring traditional dances from Kos and other islands. The dancers, dressed in vibrant costumes, enhance the performance, making it a perfect occasion to click some memorable photos. You’re even invited to join in and give Greek dancing a try.

Greek Night at the Fantasia restaurant offers an outstanding chance to immerse yourself in the traditional Greek culture of food, dance, and music. It’s a guaranteed fun-filled night for the whole family, and the lively atmosphere will create beautiful memories of your time in Kardamena.

The event takes care of your transportation, including pickup and drop-off at your hotel. The event is wheelchair-friendly, so everyone can join in and have a good time.

📅 Tour Days:Monday, Wednesday, Friday
⏱️ Tour Hours:7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
✔️ Includes:Starters & dinner, red & white wine
📌 Highlights:Traditional dances, colorful costumes, beautiful sunset

Kardamena Greek Night Price

In 2024, price of Greek night in Kardamena is €55 per adult, €35 for children between 3 to 12 years old and free for children under 2. This rate includes hotel transfer, show program, dinner and unlimited red & white wine.

Without hotel transfer, price is €45 per adult, €30 for children between 3 to 12 years old and free for children under 2. This rate includes everything above except hotel transfer.

Includes / Excludes

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Show Program
  • Dinner
  • Red & White Wine
  • Fanta Orange
  • Other Beverages

Kardamena Greek Night Program


The evening kicks off with a leisurely drive through the stunning landscapes of Kardamena. As the sun starts to lower in the sky, enjoy the striking views of Marmari and Tigaki.

Capturing the Zia Sunset

The journey then takes you to the traditional Greek village of Zia, nestled high up in the Dikeos mountains. Once you’ve arrived at the restaurant, you can wander around charming local shops offering traditional wares like herbs, spices, handmade lace, rugs, and ceramics.

While exploring the village, don’t miss out on capturing the awe-inspiring Zia sunset. The gentle hues of the setting sun over the Aegean Sea create a view you won’t forget.

Feast on Greek Cuisine

As the entertainment unfolds, indulge in a sumptuous dinner at the restaurant. The menu is packed full of Greek delights, served alongside unlimited house red or white wine and bottled water. We also provide Fanta Orange for the kids.

Upon request, we can arrange for a vegetarian menu and orange juice. Here, you get a chance to relish traditional Greek dishes, featuring fresh salads, succulent grilled meats, seafood, and a range of starters and desserts.

The set menu features:

  • Classic Greek Salad
  • Hummus
  • Tzatziki
  • Taramasalata
  • Honey and sesame topped boureki filled with cheese
  • Stuffed cabbage leaves with a mix of rice and beef
  • Smyrneika (grilled steaks of beef/lamb mincemeat)
  • A platter of seasonal fruits

Additionally, you can choose one of four main dishes:

  1. Grilled chicken fillet served with oven potatoes & rice
  2. Oven-baked pork accompanied by oven potatoes & bulgur pilaf
  3. Spaghetti with a neapolitana sauce (vegetarian – no meat)
  4. Grilled Tsipoura fish (sea bream) served with a side salad & fried potatoes (additional €5 for fish meal)

Enjoy the Show

Greek dancers will put on a show you won’t forget. You’ll be captivated by their vibrant costumes, energetic music, and elegant dance steps. The performers are there to ensure your evening is full of fun. You can join in the dancing or sit back and watch others move to the rhythm. Either way, it’s a great night of family fun at Fantasia restaurant.


As the evening comes to a close, you’ll head back to your hotel, carrying with you the joy and excitement from an unforgettable show, delectable food, and the stunning Zia sunset.


How much is the Greek night experience in Kardamena?

Kardamena Greek night costs 55 EUR for adults, 35 EUR for children between 3 to 12 years old and free for children under 2 years old. Price includes hotel transfer, show, dinner, unlimited red & white wine, spring water and fanta orange.

Self-transfer price is 45 EUR for adults, 30 EUR for children between 3 to 12 years old and free for children at and under 2 years old.

Where is the restaurant?

The Greek Night happens at Fantasia Restaurant in the Zia village, nestled in the island’s mountains. The restaurant gives guests a spectacular view of the Zia sunset. Here, guests can enjoy an evening filled with delicious Greek food, fine wine, and lively traditional dances for four hours.

Is it Kid-Friendly?

This experience is perfect for all – from families to singles or groups. The folk dance, lively music, and vibrant costumes are fun and engaging for children.

What is the duration of the event?

The Greek Night in Kos spans over four hours.

What Does the Price Include?

The price covers hotel transfers, a feast of Greek dishes, unlimited servings of red and white wine, traditional Greek dance performances, and a stunning view of the Zia sunset.

Are There Vegetarian Dinner Options?

Yes, upon request, we can provide a vegetarian menu. We can also cater to dietary restrictions or allergies. If you need a special menu, please let us know ahead of time.

Can Non-Greek Speakers Participate?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t speak Greek, you can enjoy the experience fully. There’s no language barrier when it comes to enjoying the dances, food, and wine.

Any Dress Code?

No, there’s no strict dress code. However, we suggest wearing comfy clothes and shoes, especially if you plan on joining the dance.

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